Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

 Being an EL school our students get the opportunity to do some really awesome activities. We are a project based school and use hands on learning. We are always looking for the next greatest thing to get our students out there and learning to the fullest.

The Google expedition pioneer program gave our students a wonderful opportunity to explore the world from our classrooms. They went to the moon, underwater exploring, even to the Galápagos’ island! Every child was engaged and over excited with the Google cardboard.IMG_8825


Seeing the kids engaged, reaching out to “touch” a shark, looking up at the ceiling and seeing the planets orbiting was just awesome! They were able to visit museums in different states and received some “hands on” experience without having to leave their seats!

Curiosity and questions were asked endlessly! Teachers were using the device for the first time and were excited to be able to have the kids in a place that is part of their learning expeditions virtually. The teachers were able to ask questions like: “Why is the shark called a white nose shark?” “Why is tIMG_8834his coral called a brain coral?” Kids were able to observe right in front of them and come up with quick responses.

All together we are very grateful for this experience, and the ability to get this technology for our students. This is just what Manara Academy is all about. IMG_8838

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