About Us

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the pinnacle of knowledge, character, ethics, and community building.

We are passionate about what we do. 

  • Children become enthusiastic lifelong learners. 
  • Teachers are role-models for their students. 
  • Parents are role-models for their children.
  • Senior students are role-models for their younger peers. 
Our Mission
Manara Academy will provide students with a creative, adaptive and ethical environment to prepare them to become future leaders of the society. Provide high academic achievement. Firm command of a foreign language. Address the needs of students, their families and their communities by building on the strengths of students’ cultural heritage and life experiences to enable them to become successful.
Our Mission
Our Core Values

We believe in individual, family, community, and global responsibility. We promise what we can deliver, and deliver on every promise. We need to give our best, for our school to be the best

Academic Excellence
We believe in innovation, hands-on experiences, and life long learning. We believe that what gets assessed gets improved

Character & Ethic
We believe in truthfulness, integrity, trustworthiness, and doing the right thing sincerely.