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Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

 Being an EL school our students get the opportunity to do some really awesome activities. We are a project based school and use hands on learning. We are always looking for the next greatest thing to get our students out there and learning to the fullest. The Google expedition pioneer program gave our students a…
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Bringing It All Together

Students learn best when they are engaged. In our fourth grade in Manara STEM Academy, students are learning math, science, history, literature, technology, and art through one extensive study. It’s hard to say what they are learning and when, because it’s all integrated into a project of designing and implementing a garden just outside our…
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Learning From ‘Real’ Experts

We’re bringing back the village from ‘it take’s a village to raise a child.’ By working with local experts, students are engaged by working with professionals. Seeing Captain Kawsara in uniform is much different than reading about pilots or air travel as they learn about real experiences. Like Captain Kawsara, students are engaged by several…
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