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What is Expeditionary Learning?

Expeditionary Learning's model for teaching and learning challenges students to think critically and take active roles in their classrooms and communities, resulting in higher achievement and greater engagement in school.

Expeditionary Learning works with over 150 schools and 40.000 students around the country and we're getting great results.



Students are scientists, urban planners, historians, and activists. They investigate real community problems and collaborate with peers to develop creative, actionable solutions.


Students at all levels are pushed and supported to do more than they think they can. Excellence is expected in the quality of their work and thinking.


Students apply their skills and knowledge to real-world issues and make positive change in their communities. They see the relevance of their learning and are motivated by understanding that learning has purpose.


Through formal structures of presentation, exhibition, critique, and data analysis, students and teachers build a shared vision of pathways to achievement.


School leaders, teachers, students, and families share rigorous expectations for quality work, achievement, and behavior. Trust, respect, responsibility, and joy in learning permeate the school culture.

What you can expect at an Expeditionary Learning school:

A positive school culture

Our schools are safe and respectful learning environments. The motto "we are crew, not passengers" guides our schools as they build cultures of respect, responsibility, courage, and kindness- where students and educators are committed to quality work and citizenship. Students take responsibility for each other and for their learning and build leadership skills that help them excel.


A great teacher in every classroom

We work closely with schools to provide the training and resources necessary to provide every student with a great teacher. Our teachers are trained to tailor instruction to help a diverse range of learners achieve. Research shows that our teachers are closing critical achievement gaps for English language learners and for Hispanic, African-American and low-income students.


Learning with a purpose

Our students are highly engaged learners, motivated to master academic content and produce high quality work. Their learning expeditions- which may result in original scientific reports, presentations to government officials, or urban renewal projects - contribute beyond the classroom. Learning with a purpose helps students develop the academic skills and work ethic that prepare them for college and beyond.


High expectations for all students

Our students are outperforming state and district averages on standardized tests and, in our high schools, 100% college acceptance is the standard. Our college-bound students learn inquiry skills, research skills, and habits of scholarship that motivate them to work independently, think critically about the world around them, and persist with their work until it is of high quality.


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