Board of Directors

Dr. Ehap Sabri
Sadak Shaik
Vice President  
Jaszeer Mohammed
Naveed Shariff
Faisal Shaikh
Dr. Ali Shaqlaih
Larry Best

Governance Documents

Community Building is one of the pillars of Manara’s vision. It is one of our top priorities to provide regular communication through our website. Manara provides the public quick access to valuable information to demonstrate the desire to hold a transparent channel of communication. Furthermore, Texas law orders school districts, maintaining a website, to post the items displayed in the menu, if applicable. The text and links fulfill our responsibility for website postings. If you have questions in regard to these postings, please contact the main office at 972-304-1155.

Below are all the postings required and recommended by TEA. A hyperlink is available to all postings that apply to Manara Academy. Required Postings