Manara Academy Elementary

Manara Academy’s Elementary Charter School in Irving currently serves Grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. At Manara Academy, we teach innovatively the state standards (TEKS) along with the character and dexterity necessary to ensure we are meeting the whole child learning needs. This balance between the academic curriculum and the character development is proven every day in the classroom with collaborative activities that engage the students in learning to work collaboratively.

Our students engage in learning expeditions, which are in-depth studies with relevant and compelling themes that integrate English language arts, social studies, science, math and problem solving. In addition to these core areas, the world languages, art and health fitness is woven throughout the expeditions, as are field work and community experts.

At Manara Elementary in Irving, we have an exceptional school staff in place to ensure your child’s social, emotional and most importantly academic goals are met. We work strongly on building strong partnerships with our parents and families. We, together, strive to create a dynamic learning environment and meet the needs of all students.

Some of the methods we use in our classrooms include:

  • Team teaching and collaborative learning
  • Flexible grouping based on ability, interests, gender, heterogeneity, etc.
  • Student-centered projects and research
  • Strategic literacy instruction
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Experiential, hands on learning
  • Fieldwork and service learning
  • Character Development through our HOMEs (Habits of a Manara Explorer)
  • A range of activities and opportunities that tap into different levels and interests of students
  • Teacher Looping

We welcome you to come explore with us at Manara Irving Elementary!

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