More Than A Field Trip

In Manara Academy, we may visit one location several times throughout a year to create a partnership and expose students to explore environments outside of the classroom through “Field Studies.” Field Studies allow students to interact and become accustomed to experts in their current field of study. A zookeeper may know more than what their textbook has to offer.

A trip to the zoo is more than just seeing the animals. It means exploring their characteristics, their habitats, etc. Their observations tie to a larger theme they may be studying in class, in which their research will contribute.

Each unit of study, known as an expedition in expeditionary learning, requires students to play the role of becoming experts while they try to answer three open ended, guiding, questions that challenge students to better understand the world they live in and why things are done certain ways. With their found knowledge, they do their best to give back to their community.

When you see our buses, our students are on a mission.

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