Power On The Go

It’s amazing what kids can do when you provide them with technology! In just a few months after our deploying our one to one program (one ipad to one student), students have been building with their imagination. Looking through a glimpse of the exhaustive list of what they accomplished, students have recorded live events, edited videos, created voice threads, organized class research, and PSA’s to their parents and classmates.

Harnessing technology in school is important as when many students go home, it may be the first thing they interact with. Technology is everywhere and is changing constantly. To be part of your community in modern time is not the same as it was in the ‘80’s or ‘90’s. Society has changed from a time where it was a norm to allow students to explore their neighborhood and walk to the park alone. Technology is the new means for students to explore and communicate with the world.

It is the responsibility of the school and parents to make sure that where they explore is positive and safe. Teachers help guide what is acceptable and how to act responsible, as it is very different when done face to face. A common lesson is that sarcasm is not readable in text and words hurt more when they are written than when they are said orally.

Although these devices do provide extra resources such as manipulatives, they really are used as a medium to allow students to display their gained knowledge and practice on how they express themselves. In Manara Academy, with our unique combination of fusing character with academics, we are able to provide an environment where learning is safe, collaborative, and engaging. Students are not afraid to share their thoughts or work, they are motivated by them. Students are not bound by our school walls and are able to demonstrate a mature and respectable means to express what they learn and how it affects them.

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